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About Eva


Who is Eva Tutic?

Well I should start off by saying that I wasn’t born a fantastic writer.  The mystery behind who I am always existed for  whoever I came in contact with.  I was far from being a celebrity or socialite, and yet a part of me wanted to believe that I am.  So, I became what I believed.

Through the creation of my brand, I realized that my personal experiences and opinions were entertaining.  As I told my stories – stories that included my experiences with the rich and famous and those that reached out as far as the slums of East Africa – people were captivated.  These conversations are born from my travels around the world, elite memberships, experiences as a model, as a mom, as an executive, as a partner, as a missionary and most importantly as a woman.

My blogs will bring many different emotions to you.  Some will be positive and some not so positive. At the end of the day, I don’t expect anyone to agree with everything I have to say, my goal is to offer you a perspective, and to some, shed some light on who Eva Tutic is.