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Caution: Travel Can Increase Your Stress Levels


Traveling is stressful enough without the drama, attitudes, and plain rudeness that plague airports and flights all around the world. As the airports get stricter the people that travel or work in the system seem to become more obnoxious.

To help with this frustration, I decided to put together a list of recommendations to keep in mind when you travel next: (This is not in any particular order of importance)

1.Take a shower and use deodorant – The last thing I want (or anyone else for that matter) is to sit in a middle seat and have my neighbor smell like rice vinegar. I recognize that it’s difficult to know if oneself stinks, but please ask someone or use the proper products to help combat that issue.

2.Armrest – If I have my elbow on the arm rest of the seat, please do not push my elbow off like you ”own” it. There is no rule as to which seat gets which armrest, so don’t act like it “comes with” yours. If you knock my elbow off, I will certainly not be happy and make sure that it is known, and you will not feel comfortable with “the look” I give you either.

3.Diaper changes – First, I am a mom and I traveled with an infant on both domestic and international flights. Never did I ever think to change a shitty diaper on the empty middle seat beside me. Have respect for your fellow passengers for God’s sake! Why should the rest of the passengers have to smell that throughout the aircraft? Some of us already get sick from the turbulence, this just speeds up the puking process.

4.Disembarking – There is nothing worse than sitting in the back of the aircraft next to the lavatory and savoring the smell of feces every time someone opens the door. However, a close second is disembarking the aircraft with rude people. If I am sitting in the seat in front of you, do not try to plow ahead of me, because I will step in your path and embarrass your attempted trampling of the rest of us. What happened to the days of manners? I understand we are always running to make that connecting flight, but there is no reason to disembark like it’s the running of the bulls in Pamplona!!! Come on kids, let’s just grow up!

5. Overhead bins – I have a couple of things to say about this. First, the airline rules clearly stipulate that carry-on luggage must meet certain criteria to be considered ”carry on.” Over and over I see people bring on luggage that clearly does not fit the criteria. As they stand there, with sweat beads running down their faces they push, shove, and hit and then recognize they have been defeated by the ”bad bin.” The best part is when they look around with this confused look of “I wonder why this is not fitting.” Of course this episode has now cost the passengers a delayed departure because not only was there delay in boarding passengers, but now the bag needs to be checked for cargo. The second thing I have to say about overhead bins is just because it is above your seat, that does NOT mean you own that SPOT!

6. Seats – This recommendation is very important to me. Sitting in economy class as a 6’1 woman is not fun, but when you have the person in front of you that decides to recline their seat at warp speed and knock my knees into such unbearable pain is disrespectful. Only then, to turn around and give you a dirty look like you are trying to stop them from reclining their seat.

I hope this blog provided some insight for you. I continue to find myself in the rat race of life as I am sure you do too, but can we at least make an effort to make it easier for each other by having respect and manners towards each other?



Personal hygiene? Courtesy? Respect of personal space? Geez, you expect a lot!!!

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