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It’s All About Faking It Baby !


It’s Friday night and the excitement of date night has me giddy as a school girl.  Who would think at this age, a mature, conservative, diplomatic woman could still be giddy.  (I know, I know, that might not be a full and true description of who I really am.)

It’s the only day of the week when I really feel like I can get my ‘sexy on’.  However, it is also the end of the week and sometimes it seems I have no clothes that really jump out at me – something that really portrays seduction (cleavage, bandage dress, juicy red lips).  But then I had a thought… most guys tell girls they look their sexiest post sex.  So, if we can fake the big ‘O’, why not fake the look through other means, like make-up?

So if you are ready to seduce your man, and have him eating out of your perfectly french manicured hands, listen on.

Come-hither Eyes: To get that overdosed butterfly lash look, keep the eyes minimal, save for a black line and loads of voluminizing mascara like  Dior Show.  This is all I use. Here’s the trick: Use a liquid liner to draw your line and make sure to hug the lash line. The closer you can get to your lashes, the thicker they’ll look once you’ve applied mascara.  The liner I use is by STILLA it practically goes on by itself. Come-hither works best with mascara prominently painted on the outer corner of your lashes. Skip the bottom lashes all together, as a mound of black ink will only make your eyes appear smaller and look like you have just been in a cat fight– and we are going for a seductive, wide-eye Victoria Secret look.

Lips that Beg to Be Kissed: A plump and inviting pout is essential for the art of seduction.   (Ask Kate Moss)  If your lips are thin or average and  you can’t afford juvederm, fake the Angelina Jolie mouth by applying a nude lipliner like the one I use from Smashbox  before glossing.  I learned this technique from a make-up artist that prepared me for a shoot:  Start in the center of your lips and gently draw 3/4 of the way outwards (be careful not to make a dark line) Then draw inwards from the corners of your lips toward the center, connecting the lines. This will give the illusion of a plumper pout. Lightly feather the nude liner into the center of your lips, then apply a clear gloss– preferably one with a plumping agent like Smashbox Lip Enhancing gloss  and you’ll have big, bold, shiny lips that are sure to give him naughty thoughts.

Nurture Your Natural Tan: Glowing skin and tanned cheeks are perhaps the most essential elements needed to accomplish the Look of Lust.  Start out by applying a liquid illuminizer to areas of the face that you wish to draw attention to: Cheek bones, brow bone, bridge of nose, cupid’s bow and collar bones (quite possibly the sexiest part of a woman’s body). I use High Beam by Benefit for just this purpose.   If you’re looking for a “f*%$ me” complexion, then High Beam will be your new best friend.

Make Him Blush: As for faking that “hot damn, it’s hot in here” look, go for a pinkish cream blush that allows you to control the color intensity. Cream is essential because it gives your cheeks a natural stained look that powder is unable to provide.   Cremebend Blush by MAC  is one that I use.  It may seem a bit vibrant at first glance, but it actually goes on quite sheer. The way to apply cream blush is, with a blush brush for an even more natural, airbrushed effect. And make sure to cover not only the apples of your cheeks, but up to your hairline as well– a full on blush isn’t limited solely to the cheek alone.

Ok, got it?  Now…just think back to the last time the earth really moved for you…Oh Ya, that’s the look!

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