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Free Advice From A Tall Girl To Everyone Taking Notice Of One

Tall Girl Quotes

Actually, it’s less advice than an ear to vent. I decided to put together a list of the top 10 things people say to a girl over 6 feet tall. It drives me crazy, but human
nature is a weird thing! This is not in any particular order:

1.Do you play basketball? Please!!! Do I look like Lebron James’ sister? And if I were, would I be sitting here in coach with you? I remember coaches trying really hard to recruit me to the game. I gave in and played one practice, and I was done! I hated it. No (W)NBA star here!

2.Are you a model? Although I modeled in my early adulthood, I never really understood the question. Is that a compliment or a trick question? Either way, I knew that whatever my answer, I would disappoint because people really did believe that you can’t be a model under six feet. Fact is, unless you bore a resemblance to Frankenstein, and were over 6 feet, people would still ask you, Are you a model?

3.It must be really hard to find clothes that are long enough, Isn’t it? Now, why in the world would someone say something like that? It’s like saying, wow, it must be really hard to get a boyfriend with that fat ass. Seriously, that’s exactly what it feels like. When I was in my teens it was very difficult to find clothes that fit especially pants that didn’t make me look like I was preparing for a Tsunami at any moment. Now we have stores that cater to us ‘strange’ beings, like Long Tall Sally. Which leads me into my next point.

4.You must have been made fun of a lot growing up. Again, yes I was, probably more so then your average 5’10 girl. Name calling such as daddy long legs, tall glass of water, jolly green giant (the vegetable guy, remember? ho ho ho?) and big bird, to name a few. See the thing is, with other slightly different people, we don’t go up and ask this question. It’s unnatural, and yet society believes that it’s ok with tall women

5.Wow you have big feet. Well duh, if I didn’t I would fall over wouldn’t I???

6.It really must be hard to find a boyfriend. That really pissed me off. Not only because it was true, but what would motivate someone to point out such a personal thing? People will not say that to someone with a big hooked nose, yet they feel it’s ok with a tall girl.

7.You must have had tall parents? No, they were dwarves, actually. Do you think I could be adopted?

8.How is the weather up there? That is one of my favorites, I have to admit. People try to be funny about it, but you know what it gets tiresome. The weather is same up here beatch (only a little cooler)!

9.Why do you wear high heels when you are already so tall? Short answer… Because I can!!! And because now, I know…tall is AWESOME! Totally off topic, but can you believe they have Facebook pages for tall girls??? We need support forums!!!

10.You are so tall, why are you slouching? Hey, I only slouch when I stand next to someone who is insecure with their own height!

In the end, I am proud to be tall. Even if I get whacked by peoples umbrellas, when no guy ever asks you to dance at the high school prom because you tower over him, even though i can’t cross my legs underneath a desk or table comfortably, and regularly get whacked in the face with tree branches. Being tall, has helped me be a strong confident person. So all you tall girls… Love your height and flaunt it! Being tall is SEXY!!

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