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The Medical Practice ‘Experience’ Economy and William Deming – Opinion of a Real Patient

The experience economy



I was recently intrigued by a conversation I had with a colleague about her visit to the doctor’s office.  My colleague was upset to say the least, with not only the staff attitude, but how arrogant and in empathetic  her doctor was.

However, she was most disappointed in herself because she invested a lot of time and effort researching and comparing in the hopes of finding the perfect doctor.  I asked her how she found out about the practice, and to my amazement she based it on the number of stars and reviews, and his recent win as a “Best Doctors” in a local publication.

Although my colleague did not have life threatening issue, she did have a concern that was important to her.

Instead of an answer or sympathetic ear, what she got from the experience was, feeling stupid for trusting publications, and 3rd party rating tools which practices have been known to pay for, to drive popularity and reputation.  The following day I decided that I would pull up the doctor and his practice name and see what it was all about.  My colleague had already written a negative review about her experience which I completely agree with her on.  A few days have passed and I thought I would check back to the post and see if there were any responses to my colleagues review.  To my shock, the review my colleague posted disappeared, and all that was left was the positive rating reviews.  It was at that moment that I remembered my career mentor who taught me about Deming and his business management beliefs and values.  The one quote that particularly stuck in my mind was, “The most important figures that one needs for management are unknown or unknowableRead more