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Zumba Fitness in San Diego!!


There is nothing like a great party!!! And no one puts on a show like the Brazilian’s! Lucky for me, I live in a city like San Diego where Brazilian carnivals are enthusiastically celebrated.

This year’s event was held in Balboa park one of the largest parks around, covering over 1400 acres. Admission was at 8:30 pm and the crowds were excited and anxious for what the performances would deliver! This year was a great year for the carnival because (insert, tongue in cheek), I Eva Tutic was asked to perform in the Zumba portion of the night’s celebration. I was not only thrilled, but honored that Ninfa Skezas from Zumba Party Fitness, San Diego would actually ask moi to be part of the 10 person dance group. Wow was I excited!! Another thing I can cross off my bucket list!

The rehearsals leading up to the carnival were grueling (In a good way of course) and all the hard work paid off! The performance was a rousing success! Ten of us were dressed up in our bright neon Zumba ware, violet and black tights, with violet wigs to really turn it up a notch. We had the crowd passionately engaged and some even joined us on the stage, not shy about giving the Latino moves a try. There was plenty of skin, a lot of bouncing breasts, and shimmies that would drive anyone wild!

Those of you that know me, know that I am a huge Zumba fan. Not only is it incredibly fun, but you feel like a sexy, voluptuous, salacious woman that breaks free from the boring everyday routines that life has stored up for us. The dance routines are fun with dances like Samba, Hip-Hop, Soca, Salsa, Meringue, Mambo and the list just goes on. And it’s a party! There is no right way or wrong way to do Zumba! One of the biggest benefits of Zumba is the fitness cardio workout that you get out of it! The funny thing is, I find myself dancing the routines in dance clubs, and people just want to join in!

I began Zumba classes over a year ago, and have lost over 13 lbs. That doesn’t include the inches that melted away with it. Based on my heart monitor, I burn to approximately burn 800 calories per hour. One thing I do recommend for those starting out in Zumba is combine taking Zumba classes with yoga classes alternatively, day to day. This will really help with preventing injuries in the high-impact dance classes. At my age, you might also consider a knee brace to ensure that the patella stay in place, because one bad move there, and you won’t be dancing for weeks afterward.



Love this!!! Thank you Eva you are so sweet!!! I love that you are part of our Zumba Family!!!

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